Bad website design – sugardaddies

There is so much wrong with this wesbite. Lets begin with credibilty issues. “As seen on TV”, well that sure says trust us!! Not only is that phrase present on the home page, but it is plastered on the page, big and red for all to see. Secondly there is a testimonial underneath the “As seen on TV” ad. A testimonial? Really? You need an unidentified user to give your site credit?

Lets also look at the picture encompassing the entire background. A lets just say “sleazy” looking man holding a cigar with an attractive woman on a couch next to him. It just screams come hither. It’s a sleazy look and really speaks to the webpage….”Sugardaddies”. Its very appropriate for the calling and message, but the overall appearance and tone of the page does not make me trust it or want to be apart of it. If I want a sugar daddy I want an attractive man that doesn’t look like he may have scummy ideas in his head.

I think overall the page is classless and while nicely laid out the content is just sleazy and the credibility to the website is shot in the foot on the very first page. There is more of an issue with content and editing than layout. Although the layout is not too well done when you consider there are definitions of the users on the website. Is this an ad for children? Hopefully not! So why the definitions?? You should not be using this dating site if you don’t know what the words mean! C’mon!

Sadly, this page is typical and expected for this type of website. While the message and content is sleazy so is the page design.

By vachandler

When and when not to use infographics

Infographics can be a very useful and beneficial technique to publishing with intentions of selling newspapers, magazines and drawing in viewers. The first reason to use infographics is because they can be attractive to viewers and more compelling for readers to look at. Because infographics can be more attractive they draw attention and are good for when you want to really grab a reader. They can utilize colors and themes that make the story more interesting and appealing. If online, infographics can be great because more readers will click on a link if an infographic is provided because they are attracted to it, also this can lead to forwarding by users as well as reposting. So if you have additional information that goes with the infographic but does not fit on the page then a link through the chart or figure can direct the viewrs to the additional information that may not be available otherwise, particularly in print. Another time to use infographics is if you have information that is hard to articulate, a graph or chart can be much more understandable. also a chart or graph can be very useful for an article that has too many figures and facts. If that is the case, an article can be too jumpy and difficult to follow whereas a chart can keep the figures organized and neat. If you are trying to convey a story or message quickly and effectively an infographic is a great option because after all a picture is worth a thousand words. The wrong time to use an infographic is if there is too much information to convey neatly in a chart, if a chart is unorganized or unclear than it is a waste of space. It then becomes useless. Another bad time to use an infographic is if the information is boring and unappealing. Don’t put old information or questionable data in an infographic either.

By vachandler

Good news photo

I think the qualities of a photo that make it unique and appealing are its relevance to the story and quality of insertion. Does it tell a story? Does it capture an intricate moment? Does the photo fit on to the page well and work with the layout?

A photo in particular that I like is a sports action photo of an American soccer player, Clint Dempsey, on the cover of Eurosport. This magazine runs in countries across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.  With such a large distribution and outreach to fans across the world it is very important that it is well prepared and professional, meaning it is neat, appealing to the eye and captures th attention of all sorts of different viewers.

What I like about this particular picture is that it has the contrast of the focus on the player in the front and blurs out in the background, keeping the attention on the player celebrating. The player is faded out around his edges giving it a unique blend into the page. The photographer capturers the precise moment Dempsey is jumping into the air and yelling in celebration. His feet are up in the air and his cleats are very visible. After all the shoes are what are being sold in the magazine. Demspey’s body and celebration serves as the perfect display for the magazine’s content.

I also like how the banner and writing is behind the image and doesnt distract from the picture but lets it stand out on its own.

By vachandler

Outstanding news photo

This particular news photo stood out to me more than any other photo I came across. What initially drew me into this picture was the image of the soldiers. The men standing so tall caught my eye, or at least I thought. And how can you forget about the pretty little girl in red with a smile on her face. After I do a double take and lean in for a closer look, I see that this precious little girl is aiming a gun at the soldiers. Not only is it a gun, but it appears to be an AK-47, in other words a very powerful and dangerous military weapon. The little girl is clearly enjoying holding the gun and the military men seem to be enjoying it as well. It shows a tender moment between civilians and military; as well as, a soft side to the tough men in camo.

I really like this photo because it is shocking. It grabs the viewer’s attention and make them want to read the caption and article to find out what in the world is going on. It is such an uncommon image and really makes you think what is going on. There is such an overwhelming contrast in the subjects of the picture. There are the tough military guys and then there is this sweet little child in a dress and there is a gun, in the child’s hands. Its startling and intriguing. The most important aspect is that the picture is grabbing and is appropriate so it may grace the front page and intrigue the viewers. The image alone sells papers.

By vachandler

Oscars 2012

“The Sound of Music” will go down as one of my favorite movies of all time. Its a classic. I loved the music, the love story, the good feeling it gave me. I’ve always related it to my childhood. What made it such a classic? For me, it was Captain Georg Ludwig Von Trapp, the strict, hard-nosed, tough exterior man’s man who became a tender gentleman that made me fall in love when I was only four years old. I loved watching him. His tough guy persona and genuine performance had me hooked. I felt like his true quality character came through in his performance, I think he was more than likable.

When Oscar time came and he was up for nomination for best supporting actor, I was thrilled. I thought he must win! When he did, I was ecstatic. It meant so much to me that he finally got the recognition that he deserved. I know it meant a lot to him and it was cool to see that moment. It was also such a special moment because not only was it Christopher Plummer’s first Oscar but he was also the oldest individual to ever receive the award. It was a very special moment for him as well as the movie industry.

I really like this picture because such a special moment was caught. It’s perfect, it captures a very dear moment of him raising the award and admiring it. I felt like I was watching my dad or something. He looked elegant in his suit and the photo captures a moment in history that only a photo can fully describe.

By vachandler

The Gestalt Principle: Closure

This image is not a continuous drawing. It is instead a stencil like drawing of a Native American dragonfly. It appears to be this image because the lines are close enough to each other that it appears to be a full image despite the image not being completely enclosed. The human eye can connect the information that is there enough to make a complete image out of what is present.

By vachandler

Front Page without color and art….a rarity

It is difficult to find a newspaper layout without color but it is incredibly difficult to find a newspaper layout without art as well. I knew going into this scavenger hunt that it would be a tough task, but I was not prepared to have to search to the degree that I did.

   When I first realized I wanted a paper layout without color, I instantly thought of the New York Times. I did not want to be predictable though so I searched for other papers without color. This was not so difficult to find, but then I tried to narrow my search down to only layouts without art. Wow! They do not exist anymore. I thought it would be a synch. Hilarious! Almost every paper now a days has color in it, if not then it definitely has art in it. Some form, either typography design or pictures.

In the end I wound up with a New York Times. I could not seem to find a source that offered a layout of a newspaper that met the requirements. Even with this discovery online, I found it at the hands of a fellow blogger, Rachel Bevels at Once I looked at her blog I realized that I was not alone in having difficulty finding a black and white no-art paper. She also had problems, but did find some examples including the New York Times in addition to the Los Angeles Times.

What I liked about this layout is that it is balanced. Despite the difference in fonts and type, there was a good flow to the page. Also, I liked the way there was a softness to the page, this probably had to do with the balance of the page. One story is not fighting with another. There is cohesion and a pleasant presentation for the eye. I think it is well done and subtle without going too far and becoming boring and plain.

By vachandler

Another cool example of type as art

This example of type as art was posted on Taylor Cloonan’s blog on February 2. I really liked the creativity of the layout and how the creator used different fonts and colors to successfully design an eye catching design.

I never knew what High Life was in reference to before about a week ago. I learned about it in my Global Pop class. This is relevant because although I recently learned about High Life in African culture it is not a concept that I am aware of or particularly have an open eye for. The first thing I looked at on the page was the words “High Life” and I wasn’t quite sure what that was in reference to. Seeing this unique type in the shape of Africa, my attention was grabbed and through the colors initially I realized the picture was representing Africa. After noticing the colors, I noticed the shape and outline of the country. Once I put the picture with the words, the concept made sense to me. It shows how a picture, even of words, can put meaning to a concept.

I also liked the inclusion of the words that were used. All the words used have some relevance to Africa and African culture, many of which I could relate to. This design has a lot of meaning and contains a lot in the space provided. It is also a good example of maximum use for a provided space.

By vachandler